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Welcome to the developers wiki for Fastighetsägarna Dokument!

Here you'll find API documentation for the form service and presentation materials and other documentation from the meetings that have taken place between Fastighetsägarna, Barium and property systems suppliers. You'll find a number of documents attached to this article

NEWS 2018-09-06

Contract 12b.3 is now available on the

NEWS 2013-11-25

On Monday December 9, we launched a new and changed form template on Fastighetsä Templates can be tested on

  • 12b.2 ENG, Hyreskontrakt för lokal (revised so that it conforms to the Swedish version)
  • 99 ENG, Grön Bilaga (NY)

NEWS 2013-06-04

Monday, June 24 at 18:00 will be updated to version 2.0.

Monday 10 June after 17:00 this version will be available for testing at

The release does not contain any changes in the API, but is focuses on the user experience for those working in the web interface, performance improvements and bug fixes. You can read more about the contents here:

New and revised templates

With the release of 2.0, a number of new templates as well as some changes in the existing templates to be implemented. Read more about this here:


NEW 2013-04-22

Monday, May 6. 2 new templates will be added and published on In addition, a template has been revised and expanded with a number of new fields.

The three templates that are deployed are:

  • Nr 1051, Ansökan om tillstånd till upplåtelse i andra hand, (reviderad)
  • Nr 1054, Fullmakt vid upplåtelse av bostadsrätt i andra hand (ny)
  • Nr 1055, Avtal om upplåtelse av bostadsrätt i andra hand (ny)

If you want to test your implementation of these new / changed templates, you can do this on the development server from 22/4.

NEWS 2013-03-14

The development server is now updated to Fastighetsägarna Document version 1.1. Thursday, April 4 2013, the sharp service will be upgraded to this version. The new version includes bug fixes, performance optimization measures and a number of new features. The new version does not contain any "breaking changes" in existing API methods but we recommend all who have integrated with the service to perform regression tests against the development server before the sharp upgrade. Contact Barium on if any problems are detected during the tests.

New features:

Option to hide the file folder in task view

Prevents the user to add additional forms and attachments to form case through the web interface. Only the case main form appears and no attachments can be added via the web interface.

HOW TO: Use URL syntax /Tasks/Task/{TaskId}?navigationmode=external&taskviewmode=singleform when the case view for Fastighetsägarna document is being opened).

Ability to start sharp cases directly for contract customers

The case is started directly in sharp status (TaskPaid). Attachments that are added when/after the case is in sharp status automatically become sharp.

NOTE! This function only works for contract customers.

HOW TO: Start a new form case with POST /apps/form?message=STARTUNLOCKED.

Other changes:

NOTE! all views/functions are not available to all users.

  • Increased performance in list function in the web interface
  • Increased performance in abonnemangsavtalsvyn
  • Increased performance in transaktionshistorikvyn
  • Minor bug fixes

NEWS 2012-01-10

Note that cases that started via the API are always stored in the user's primary business (primary domain). Today there is no opportunity to choose which company a case is to be stored in via the API, but we are considering to make this possible in the future.

NEWS 2012-01-03

Information about normal/integrated display mode made clearer on overview page: API Documentation (see information on navigationmode=external in the start/open a form case for editing in browser section)

NEWS 2011-12-20

Information about the data type System.Bool and its allowed values have been made clearer on the overview page: API documentation.

NEWS 2011-12-19

Information about downloading complete dossier is now available in API for Form Cases.

Information about the sharp URL for the production environment is now made clearer on the overview page: API documentation

NEWS 2011-12-08

More documentation on the status change and balance of payments through the API, see the API for Status Change and Balance Payment.

NEWS 2011-08-25

Download the source code for a test client written for Microsoft Windows / .Net Framework 3.5 / Visual Studio 2010:

NEWS 2011-08-23 

Bug fix to a problem that caused the wrong form to sometimes be chosen when double-clicked in the form selector.

Download Fastighetsägarna Document Test Client (see attached document) 

Send e-mail to to ask questions about the API development.

NEWS 2011-07-04

A number of new features have been added to the API to better manage read-only fields as well as creating, updating and deleting form attachments and attached files in existing form cases. These additions are highlighted with the text NEW METHOD in the API documentation. Methods that can no longer be used are marked as NOT USE. API version 1.0 remains applicable during the development project, but in the future, API version is increased when changes in the form service API are performed in order to maintain backward compatibility for existing integrations.

The API is now launched in version 1.0 and is ready for integration from property systems.

API method
Current Status
Planned completed
Authentication (login)
List form templates in the form library

Get information model with all the field definitions

Get field definitions for form template

Start form case and fill in field values in form fields

Add form to existing form case

Add attachment

List ongoing form cases

Get form case

List created forms in form case

Get field values for existing form in form case

Get PDF for completed form matter

Get PDF for separate form

Update field values for existing form in form case

Update attachment

Delete filled in form

Delete form case

Support for categorized form templates containing main form and attachments

Support for read-only forms and form fields