Version 10, last updated by barium at 2013-04-03


Q: How do I get an API key and login information to begin developing against the form service API?

A: Contact fastighetsagarna.dokument@barium.se to get your information emailed to you! Enter your name, email address and company in the email.

Q: What does the status "TEST" in the table API STATUS mean?

A: The function can be tested but is not fully developed

Q: What does the status "DEVELOPED" in the table API STATUS mean?

A: The function is developed and is not yet available for testing

Q: If a form layout is updated, will this show up as a new form or will it be the same? 

A: The forms are versioned, which means that minor changes are made to existing forms without affecting existing form cases. Major changes could lead to a new form. This is determined in such cases by the organisation Fastighetsägarna.


Q: If you print an existing form case again after a form is updated, which layout do you get? 

A: The forms are versioned, which means that a fixed form case can be locked to the version of the form that was when the case was created. It is also possible to "upgrade" to a newer version of the form, so long as the case is ongoing and have not been made sharp. 


Q: Are all the forms entered in the system? 

A: Yes 


Q: Is Fastighetsägarförbundets 4-page lease contract in the system, and what is it called? 

A: The form is available and is called 12b2 (12b2 Hyreskontrakt för lokal) 


Q: What are the options for previewing a form? Can you preview via web browser or download it as a file? 

A: Both options are possible. To preview a completed form, the following API call can be used to download the form as PDF: /Objects/{ObjectId}/pdf (for more info, see the wiki page API for Objects in Form Cases)


Q: Will there be customer adapted forms with different content / layout 

A: This is not in our scope, however, you will be able to upload Word files that are automatically populated with the field office of the information model (Ole Document Properties) 


Q: Is there a list of all existing form fields and will the list be expanded as new forms are created?

A: To get a completely updated view of which information concepts you can use the API call: /types and then /types/{TypeNamespace}/Fields to get a list of fields from the current type. The information model is more or less complete and we aim to reuse as many concepts / fields as possible when new forms are created.


Q: I want to present form prices, how do I get them?

A: Each form has a base price excluding VAT returned by the API call /templates in the property named "BlankettPris" (form price) in the attribute "Value". The separator for floating-point is always the character '.'. To get the price that applies to the logged in user, base price is multiplied by the discount factor that is accessible via API call /domains/current in the property named "fsab.rabattfaktor" in the attribute "Value". This discount factor takes into account the customer's contract and / or Fastighetsägarna membership.


Q: How are field values with the data type System.Bool sent and received?

A: At present, the value "on" for True and "off" for False.


Q: Can I list all the forms that have not yet been paid for in a form case?

A: Yes, it can be done with the following API call: /instances/{instanceid}/objects?Hastemplate=true&state=null. If the state is instead set to PAID, all paid forms will appear instead.


Q: How can you see what "Status" a form case has?

A: Metadata for a form case is available with the API call /instances/{instanceid}. An ongoing form matter has the status: "Active". A completed form case has the status "Complete". For form cases with status: "Active" you can also make the API call /instances/{instanceid}/tasks to see which tasks are active.

The following Tasks are defined in the process: TaskCreate (Create draft), TaskPay (Payment task to confirm order and complete payment), TaskPaid (Determine and print case)


Q: Can you open a form case in read only mode?

A: Yes, this can be done by opening the view /instances/show/{instanceid} in the same way as opening the /tasks-vyn (task view).

Q: How can you see if something is changed in a form case from the API?

A: Information about when an object was created and last updated is availble through the attributes CreatedDate and UpdatedDate when enumerating objects in form cases, see the API call /instances/{instanceid}/objects.


Q: Can you change the status of a form case to sharp in order to make  the draft stamp disappear?

A: Yes, this can be done through the API. For none contract customers (see the property named "fsab.avtalskund" in the API call /domains/current) we require both the change of status and balance payment through the API. For contract customers we require only change of status through the API. In the current situation it is not possible to start a form case directly in a real situation with no need to carry out a status change (via API or via the web interface) to form the case started. For more information about the change of status and balance of payments through the API, see the article API for Status Change and Balance Payments


Q: Can you open a form case in a compacted mode where menu buttons for status changes and navigation are hidden?

A: Yes, this can be done by adding the querystring parameter navigationmode=external to the URL that you use to open a web view of Fastighetsägarna Dokument, such as http://serverURL/tasks/task/{taskid}?webticket={webticket}&navigationmode=external


Q: Should the API key that we got be used by all of our customers?

A: Yes, the API key is used to give you as a system supplier the right to communicate with the Fastighetsägarna Dokument API. This API key shall be used by all of your customers.


Q: How are cases stored that started via the API in Fastighetsägarna Document?

A: Cases created in Fastighetsägarna Dokuments are stored per company. Every user registered in Fastighetsägarna Dokuments must be connected to a primary company which is normally done when the user registers. When authenticating using username and password users are logged in to the service and secondly they are logged on to their primary company. Therefore, the API call /instances only returns the form cases stored in the current company.