Get information for the current logged in users company: /domains/current 

Domain is the technical term for companies in Fastighetsägarna Document.
NOTE! When you authenticate a user against the API, the user is logged on automatically to the user's primary domain (can be changed in the web interface). It is currently not possible to select the domain associated with authentication by API.

VERB Header Resource/Id/Selector Description Parameters
Return data
GET Ticket /Domains/Current Gets information for the current domain for the current user.

The balance property returns the same value as the /Domains/Current/Balance API call.

Properties can contain a number of domain-specific properties where the following are the most important ones:


It is possible to determine if the current user's current domain is a contract customer and/or member using the above properties.

If any of the "fsab.avtalskund" or "fsab.medlem" has the value of "True" then the discount factor "fsab.rabattfaktor" vill be affected. When presenting prices on templates you should always multiply the template base price with the discount factor to obtain the real price (excluding VAT).

Id (string)
Name (string)
Description (string)
Balance (number)
OwnedBy (string)
Properties (array of properties)
GET Ticket /Domains/Current/Balance Gets the balance amount in SEK for the current domain for the current user.

The balance is an amount in the SEK currency. The decimal separator is the '.' character.

Object: Balance (number)